Business English Language Center in Dubai

Need a career boost? Our business English courses in Dubai are taught by British and American tutors and provide the student with the perfect environment to improve their business email writing and conversation skills.

Business English Courses in Dubai

Searching for the best Business English courses in Dubai? Our small group general or spoken English classes are taught by native teachers to give students the best chance to improve their pronunciation. We use the latest course materials and interactive technology to make our business English courses fun and effective.

Looking for one-to-one lessons? For those who want private business English courses in Dubai for quick progress and flexible timings, we have a selection of private business English tutors. Here, our native teachers will tailor a professional English course to your needs – particularly helpful for students who need English writing coaching or an English pronunciation course.

A semi-private business English course is also an option if you have a small group of friends or workmates who want to study at the same time.

The Outline of Our Business English Course in Dubai

Do you want to write better emails to bosses and clients or need the English to speak confidently in meetings? Well, our business English course focuses on email writing and business conversation.

The business email writing part of the course teaches the student email writing strategies, phrases and grammar, with plenty of chance to practice business email writing and get valuable feedback on how to improve.

To get the best results for our students, our business English courses in Dubai follow the communicative approach, which means the focus is on practicing and improving the student’s communicative skills in realistic, interactive business situations. This methodology means you will experience real improvement in our English for work course.

Enhance Your English Speaking Skills – Join Our Business English Courses In Dubai

Do you want to improve your accent or clear up any pronunciation issues? Our business English course concentrates on practical, everyday conversation. Each lesson has a specific topic, so it is easy for students to apply their learning in the classroom.

The best way to get good results out of our business English courses in Dubai is to practice speaking as much as possible. So, we include plenty of pair and group work in our lessons to encourage students to speak English with each other and help each other improve. A big part of our business English conversation classes involves role-plays, so students practice using the words and phrases they have learnt in authentic business situations.

Why Choose Us for Your Business English Course in Dubai?

We offer both small group general or spoken English lessons and one-to-one or semi-private business English courses in Dubai. Our teachers are native English speakers with a teaching qualification and extensive experience of teaching students from all over the world.

Each course has a major focus on speaking and listening skills, which is why we have attained countless recommendations from students across Dubai. In addition, our business courses are highly interactive, so you will get plenty of speaking practice.

Our Business English Course Team

To help our students communicate with confidence at work, we use British and American tutors to teach them effective business English phrases and to improve their English pronunciation.

Our Language Courses

Business English FAQs

What is a business English course?

Are you looking for promotion or trying to impress your managers with perfect emails or great comments in meetings? Our business English courses in Dubai teach students to communicate confidently at work.  Each business English class will also focus on business conversation, email writing, grammar, or vocabulary and all these skills are important to become fluent at work.

Is it possible to hire a private tutor for business English classes?

Yes, many students choose business writing courses with a private business English tutor. Business conversation classes are also popular for private tuition as you get the maximum chance to practice speaking with the native tutor. We advise taking these lessons at our centre, but there is also the option for home-based business English lessons.

How can I improve my email English and business English writing skills?

  1. Keep practicing your email writing.
  2. Use the spelling and grammar checking app like Grammarly.
  3. Find a good business email writing course.
  4. Get to a business English tutor to give you feedback on your emails.

Do you provide certificates?

Yes, at Express English institute, we provide KHDA accredited certificates for each course.

How much are our business English courses in Dubai?

Our standard rate for an English class with a British teacher is 975 AED per 22-hour course, but if you call or come and speak to us at the center, we can tell you about our latest promotions.

How can I find a business english class near me?

If you are looking for a professional English course, our English centre is in Business Bay, Dubai.

What makes a good business English course?

Firstly, listening to what the students want and need, and that is why we focus on email english and business English conversation. Also, combining fun, interactive English lessons, British and American English teachers, and the latest business English course materials and educational technology is a good recipe for the best professional English course.

Industry Experts

Our Dubai Native English Teachers

Where are our teachers from? Key to building a great English language institute is listening to our students and we many of our students want teachers with British or American accents. All of the tutors currently teaching at Express English language institute are British or American.

What our students say about our center

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