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Express English is an official IELTS Test Venue and leading institute specializing in IELTS exam preparation in Dubai. We are dedicated to helping students like you achieve their desired scores and excel in the IELTS test. With our comprehensive courses, experienced instructors, and a supportive learning environment, we provide the perfect platform for your IELTS success in Dubai.

We even provide a free IELTS mock test) for those choosing to book their test with us!*

*(this must be arranged and taken more than 2 weeks in advance of the main test date and includes listening, reading and writing only)

Leave your details in the form below for a call back by our IELTS registrar or call or WhatsApp this number: +971 58 588 3411

Achieve Your IELTS Goals with Express English in Dubai

  • What is IELTS?
    IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is a widely recognized English language proficiency test.
  • Test Types
    IELTS offers two main types: Academic and General Training. Academic is for those planning to study abroad, while General Training is for migration or work purposes.

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    • Test Components
      The test assesses four language skills – Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking.
    • Listening
      Evaluate your ability to understand conversations, monologues, and lectures in various accents.
    • Reading
      Assess your comprehension of written passages, covering a range of topics and styles.
    • Writing
      Demonstrate your writing skills through tasks that may include essays, reports, or letters.
    • Speaking
      Engage in a face-to-face interview to showcase your speaking abilities and fluency.
    • Scoring
      IELTS uses a 9-band scale to indicate proficiency levels, from non-user (Band Score 1) to expert (Band Score 9).
    • Universally Recognized
      IELTS is accepted by universities, employers, immigration authorities, and professional bodies in many countries.
    • Test Preparation
      Express English offers comprehensive IELTS preparation courses to help you achieve your desired scores.
    • Why Choose Us
      Our experienced instructors and tailored study materials ensure you’re well-prepared for success.
    • Mock Tests
      Practice with our realistic mock tests to get a feel for the actual exam format.
    • Personalised Feedback
      Receive constructive feedback on practice essays to enhance your skills and address weaknesses.
    • Test Dates and Registration
      The IELTS exam lasts for approximately three hours and we can help you book and take your official IELTS exam with Express English. Contact us for dates and bookings.
    • Boost Your Scores
      Express English’s IELTS preparation courses are designed to help you boost your scores and achieve your goals.
    • Ready to excel in your IELTS test
      Enroll in Express English’s comprehensive preparation courses and unlock your true potential!


    Express English Language Training Center is a recognized and authorized test venue for IELTS exams in Dubai, officially endorsed by IDP Education Ltd Australia. Our center holds the approval of KHDA and proudly facilitates both paper-based and computer-based IELTS examinations.

    To register for the IELTS exam, students can contact the training center at 058-5956422/045136452 for assistance.

    Test Venue: 
    The test venue is located at Edge Creekside Hotel, Deira and a map can be found at the following link:

    Exam Modes: 
    The IELTS exam is available in both paper-based and computer-based formats.

    Exam Fees: 
    The IELTS exam fee for paper-based is approximately 1170 AED and for computer-based is 1300 AED but prices are subject to change.

    Benefits of Registering through Express English Language Training Center:

    • Student-centric exam assistance
    • Expert advice and tips from IELTS teachers
    • On-site assistance at the exam center
    • Directions to the venue’s luxurious exam rooms.

    “Please click here if you are looking for IELTS test preparation before booking your exam.”

    Comprehensive IELTS Preparation and Resources in Dubai

    Our courses are designed to cater to the specific needs of IELTS test takers in Dubai. Whether you are aiming for the Academic or General Training module, our experienced faculty will guide you through all aspects of the IELTS exam, including listening, reading, writing, and speaking. Our curriculum is tailored to address the unique challenges posed by the IELTS test, and we provide comprehensive study materials, practice tests, and mock exams to enhance your preparation.

    Convenient IELTS Test Booking in Dubai

    At Express English, we understand that a smooth and hassle-free IELTS test booking process is crucial for your convenience in Dubai. Our website provides a user-friendly interface that allows you to book your IELTS test easily. With direct links to IDP IELTS and the, you can quickly access their booking portals and select the test dates and centers that suit your schedule.

    Find an IELTS Centre Near You in Dubai

    We have a wide network of IDP partner centers located in various areas in Dubai, making it easier for you to find an IELTS center near you. Simply contact our registrar for assistance.

    Our Vision

    At Express English, our vision is to be the premier institute for IELTS exam preparation, empowering students to achieve their desired scores and realize their academic and professional aspirations.

    Our Mission

    Our mission at Express English is to provide exceptional IELTS exam preparation through a comprehensive curriculum, experienced instructors, and tailored support. We are committed to equipping students in Dubai with the necessary language skills, test-taking strategies, and confidence to succeed in the IELTS exam.

    Express English in Dubai: Your Gateway to IELTS Success – Book your IELTS test and embark on a journey of language proficiency in Dubai.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - IELTS Exam and Booking:

    What is IELTS?

    IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System. It’s a globally recognized exam to assess English language proficiency for academic, work, or immigration purposes.

    How can I book an IELTS exam?

    Booking your IELTS exam is easy. You can visit the official IDP IELTS website and follow their instructions for exam registration and available test dates.

    Is Express English an authorized IELTS test venue?

    Yes, Express English is an authorized IELTS test venue recognized by IDP Education Ltd. We offer a convenient and reliable location for your IELTS exam.

    What is the difference between paper-based and computer-based IELTS exams?

    The content of both exams is the same. The main difference lies in how the test is taken. Paper-based involves traditional pen-and-paper, while computer-based is conducted on a computer with some variations in the format.

    How do I register for an IELTS exam at Express English?

    To register for an IELTS exam at Express English, you can use the IDP IELTS website. Select Express English as your preferred test center, choose your test date, and complete the registration process.

    Can I find an IELTS center near me?

    Yes, Express English is an IELTS center conveniently located for many residents in Dubai. Our center offers a comfortable environment for your IELTS exam.

    How do I get my IDP IELTS exam result?

    Your IDP IELTS exam result will be available on the IDP IELTS website. You’ll receive an email notification when your results are ready to be viewed.

    Can I reschedule or cancel my IELTS test booking?

    Yes, you can reschedule or cancel your IELTS test booking. Refer to the IDP IELTS website for their policy and guidelines on making changes to your booking.

    Is IDP the same as IDP IELTS?

    Yes, IDP (International Development Program) is the organization that also manages the IDP IELTS exam. IDP IELTS is a specialized branch of IDP that deals specifically with the IELTS test.

    How long is the IELTS test valid?

    The validity of an IELTS test result varies depending on the institution’s requirements. Generally, IELTS results are valid for up to two years from the test date.