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Enhance Your English Writing & Speaking Skills – Enroll in Our English Classes in Dubai

Express English Language Training Center offers English courses in Dubai to help individuals and families hone their writing and speaking skills. The institute is accredited by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) and we are an official IELTS test partner, partnered with IDP Dubai.

Our English language center provides spoken English courses, private English lessons, business English courses, IELTS training in Dubai, PTE training in Dubai and expert training for other exams.

Enroll In English Classes In Dubai That Are Relaxed & Fun

An English language institute should be fun, and although enjoyment is more of a focus in the spoken English classes, we make sure our IELTS and PTE preparation courses are fun, too!

Our instructors are friendly and welcoming, making sure you feel comfortable with the English speaking course in Dubai that you choose. There are also plenty of breaks built into our English courses to ensure that you don’t become overwhelmed with studying. Our training center offers flexible schedules for companies, individuals, families and groups. It’s a matter of pride for us to help you become fluent in English. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the courses and our instructors, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

We Offer Written and Spoken English Classes in Dubai

The number one priority for us at Express English is to help individuals and families hone their written and spoken English skills. For this, we offer language courses aimed at helping our students communicate fluently in real life situations. Our students enjoy a friendly environment at our institute, where we provide them an opportunity to practice their English language skills with utmost confidence.

Our training center is known for providing the best English language courses in Dubai. Our students are taught by our expert teachers, who make sure they understand each concept thoroughly to ensure that they can apply it quickly and easily in any situation.

Why Choose Our English Courses In Dubai?

The curriculum at Express English reflects our dedication to creating confident English speakers and writers. We start by focusing on the basics of English language, which include understanding and producing correct sentences. We then move on to more advanced topics, such as phonetics and written comprehension. These are all essential areas that will help build a strong foundation in learning the English language. Our students learn everything from verbs and adjectives to idioms and proverbs through real life examples, which is a novel approach to English learning.

Our spoken and written English courses in Dubai center on proper communication and preparation for scenarios that may come up in personal and professional life. Our classes make sure our students learn the language in a way that will be useful when they actually need to use it, such as when they go apply for jobs or start studying in an English medium school or college.

IELTS and PTE preparation is another service we provide at Express English Language Training Center in Dubai. These are two of the most popular English language tests, and our teachers focus on helping students achieve top scores through their tailored IELTS and PTE training courses. It is important to understand that these tests should be taken after thorough preparation, and our faculty helps students do just that.

We Will Ensure You Can Communicate Effectively

Express English Language Training Center takes pride in providing the best spoken and written English classes in Dubai. Our institute has earned a reputation for offering quality services to all those who are keen on learning the English language.

We offer a wide range of English courses and language classes in Dubai, and we make sure that the students who come to us for help end up with remarkable results. We can assure you will be satisfied by our services if you contact us today about your needs.

Apart from that, we also offer business English courses and IELTS tutors in Dubai for those who wish to take private or home tuitions.

Industry Experts

Our Dubai Native English Teachers

Where are our teachers from? Key to building a great English language institute is listening to our students and we many of our students want teachers with British or American accents. All the tutors currently teaching at Express English language institute are British or American.

What our students say about our center


How can I find an English language institute near me?

Our English language institute in Dubai is in Business Bay next to Dubai Mall. Please click the following link for directions.

Which is the best English learning institute in Dubai?

Dubai has a wide variety of English language institutes to choose from, and it is important to ask the following questions to make sure you are good quality language centre:

  1. Do the teachers at the English language center have native accents?
  2. Is the training institute equipped with the latest educational technology?
  3. Are they an accredited training centre with KHDA certification?
  4. Are the staff at the English institute friendly, competent and helpful?
  5. Do the English courses at the Institute use up-to-date materials from recognized publishers?

We are one of the only English centers to guarantee native English teachers. We do this to give our students the best chance to improve their pronunciation. As a PTE and IELTS training centre, we know that students need to be familiar with these accents to achieve the highest possible score.

Why is it better to study at a language training centre?

Although there are many free online English language materials, studying at an English language academy has some clear advantages:

  1. A structured language course teaches information step-by-step in the correct order.
  2. Studying at an English training center means you get the chance to get feedback on your speaking, writing and pronunciation.
  3. Going to an English learning institute should be fun and it is a great chance to make friends and practice speaking to real people.
  4. Signing up for a structured language course provides the discipline to keep studying regularly, and we all need help with this from time to time!

Do you provide certificates?

Yes, at Express English institute, we provide KHDA accredited certificates for each language level passed.

How can I learn to speak English quickly?

  1. Watch or listen to English podcasts, videos or movies.
  2. Find a good spoken English institute near you.
  3. Practice English every single day and join an English learning institute.
  4. Don’t worry about making mistakes – that is part of learning!
  5. Use an app like Quizlet or a notepad to record new words.
  6. Find a good site like BBC learning English to practice at home.

Why is it better to study at a language training centre?

Our English language school provides private English lessons with British and American tutors. Although we recommend group spoken English courses, some students have specific study requirements and need the attention of a private tutor.

Should I study British or American English?

It is good to get used to both accents and the differences are mainly related to pronunciation. We focus on British English courses, but we are also an American language centre with skilled native teachers from the USA. Please mention your preference when booking classes and our team will do their best to help.

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