CELPIP or IELTS for Canada: Which test should I take?

With wide open spaces, good healthcare and education, and plenty of employment opportunities, Canada is becoming one of the most popular places to immigrate to. One of the main obstacles when applying for a permanent residence Visa is getting a good result in one of the accepted English language proficiency tests. Applicants can choose from the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) or the Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program (CELPIP).

For more information on the general structure and layout of these tests please click on these links for CELPIP or IELTS. This post is purely to discuss what is most important to most potential test takers, “Which test is easiest to score highly in?”

While others take a little longer to master technology…The vast majority of candidates we have taught actually prefer taking computerised tests. However, that does not mean that it is the right choice for everyone. Older test takers who rarely use a computer may feel less confident being tested through this medium. This is important as students perform best when they feel relaxed and confident of success. Typing speed is another element to consider as students with very slow typing speed may not have enough time to proof read their work in the CELPIP writing test.

How good is your spelling?

One of the main advantages of CELPIP is the spellcheck in the writing section. The CELPIP test is one of the first widely accepted English proficiency tests to include an automated spellcheck function. CELPIP’s spellcheck is very similar to that of Microsoft Word with the red underlining of mistakes and a list of correct options appearing when you hover the cursor over the error. This still means that you need to know the difference between there, they’re, and their, but In addition, there is no spelling in the CELPIP reading or listening sections as all of the questions are multiple choice or selecting from a drop-down list. it straightforward if spelling is your main weakness.

Do you perform well in face-to-face interview type tests?

Some candidates find face-to-face interviews particularly stressful and this can make achieving a high grade in IELTS speaking difficult. Test takers who face this challenge and are used to working with computers may find it easier to reach their target in the CELPIP speaking test.

Do you face more challenges in writing or speaking?

This is probably the most important question as students often find reaching their target in IELTS writing most difficult. In our experience, the CELPIP writing test is slightly easier than that of IELTS. However, the difference seems to be quite small, and students often seem to attain lower band scores in the CELPIP speaking test. If writing is your main challenge, and your spelling is less than perfect CELPIP might be the best choice. On the other hand, if you struggle with both writing and speaking you may wish to stick to IELTS due to the immense amount of material available. You can do IELTS preparation course in Dubai to make yourself perfect for IELTS exam.

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