IELTS Speaking part three includes more abstract questions, which require more in-depth answers. We’re going to look at some ways to structure and extend your answer.

IELTS Speaking Part 3 Example Question:

Do you think governments should spend money supporting unemployed people or focus on creating jobs to solve the problem?

Students should try to answer with at least 3-4 sentences for part 3. The following 6 steps will help to buy you some thinking time, structure your response, and expand your answer:

Try to use this six step model to structure your answers. You don’t need to use each step every time, but it really helps to have an idea of how to expand your answers.

1. Pause Filler (to give you thinking time)
   That’s a difficult question…
    Let me see…
    Let me think about that…
   That’s an interesting question…

2. Repeat Question (to give you even more thinking time)
    Hmmm… Should they concentrate on job creation or spend more on unemployment benefits?

3. Split the Answer
    I think both are important.
    Well, it depends on the country.
    I think they should focus on _____ for a number of reasons.

4. Use Sequencers/Discourse Markers
    On the other hand,

5. Extend and Support Your Points
    This means that
    By doing this,
    In other words,
    This is because
    For example,
    For instance,

6. Summarise
    So, as I’ve said
    To summarise,

Example Question 1:

Do you think governments should spend money supporting unemployed people or focus on creating jobs to solve the problem?

IELTS Speaking Part 3 Sample Answer

1. That’s a difficult question.
2. Should they focus on supporting the unemployed or try to create more jobs.
3. I think both are important.
4. Firstly, it’s essential to provide benefits for those who are too old or sick to work. There really should be a safety net to help people who can’t support themselves.
5. On the other hand, creating new job opportunities is a better long-term solution as it will reduce unemployment in the future and boost the economy.
6. So, as I’ve said, both are good ways to tackle unemployment.

Example Question 2:

How can people live healthier lives?

1. Let me think about that for a moment…
2. How can people be healthier?
3. There are several ways to achieve this.
4. Firstly, it’s important to get enough exercise. By doing this, you can stay fit and avoid putting on too much weight.
5. Secondly, eating healthily is very important as getting the right nutrients can help us avoid sickness. For instance, people who eat more fresh fruit and vegetables tend to suffer less from colds and flu.
6. So, as I’ve said – exercise and diet are most important

Example Question 2:

Do you think?
Further Practice Questions

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