When you search for ways to improve your English, most people would tell you to watch English movies and listen to English songs. This is true, of course. Learning any language in context while watching characters interact with each other is an excellent way to teach you a lot of words, how and when to use them, and even how to make sentences. However, finding movies or songs that are appropriate to enhance your language is not an easy task: the language used in them has to obtain certain qualities to be suitable for the learning process. Here, you will find five recommendations for movies that are perfect for a movie night with your family and children so you can improve your language together:

Toy Story

This movie series, with its 4 interesting parts, follows the story of a group of toys that belong to a kid, their secret life, and how they embark on many exciting adventures. These movies are great for many reasons, but mostly for the fact that they have an important message about family and friendship values while being educational at the same time. You and your kids will enjoy the storyline while picking up new English words and phrases put in context, which will make them easier for you to remember. Kids of all ages, and even adults, can enjoy this four-part movie series.

2. Mary Poppins Returns (2018):

This musical family movie would be a great pick for a movie night. It is about a nanny who shows up in a time of need to help a father with his naughty children and his financial problems. It is a great movie with a nice message. It includes many interesting songs and great graphics, the thing that makes any movie instantly fascinating to kids. Most importantly, it will teach you many useful words, phrases, and idioms about family and children!

3. Night at the Museum (3 parts):

This movie series is great in every aspect: exciting adventures, hilarious scenes, and new vocabulary related to art, history, museums, and much more. It follows the story of Larry, the new guard of a museum where artifacts come to life once the sun sets and the place is closed. The three parts of the movie have engaging dialogues that can teach you a lot and enhance your vocabulary while keeping you and your young ones entertained.

4. Enola Holmes (two parts):

While the detective Sherlock Holmes is extremely famous, this movie, with its two parts, tells the story of his sister, Enola, and her journey to prove that she is smart and strong enough to find her missing mother. This movie is rich with useful adjectives and words that are going to enrich your language and help you sound more advanced.

5. Tangled:

This animated movie with its unique and fun plot is guaranteed to make you enjoy your time while also learning English. It tells the story of Rapunzel and her overprotective mother who doesn’t let her leave the tower where they live because she worries about her getting hurt, or so she says. However, everything changes in Rapunzel’s life when she meets Flynn, a thief who is on the run. The simple language of the movie is a plus, and it is also full of catchy phrases that are fun to learn.

Finally, remember that learning a language is a long journey, but it can be a fun one if you choose the right methods. Watching level-appropriate movies is one of the most important things that can help you learn language in context, so don’t underestimate the power of it!