English Courses in Dubai

Searching for the best English classes? Our English courses in Dubai are taught by British and American tutors and provide the student with the perfect learning environment to improve their English for Specific Purposes (ESP).

Our English Courses

Our specialist English classes are taught by British or American teachers to give students the best chance to improve their pronunciation. We use the latest materials and interactive technology to make our English courses fun.

These ESP English courses are taught privately to help students improve more quickly and study at flexible timings, we have a selection of native English tutors to choose from. Here, our native teachers will tailor an English course to your needs. This is particularly helpful for students who need English writing coaching or an English pronunciation course.

A semi-private spoken English course is also an option if you have a small group of friends who want to study at the same time.

Go to this page if you are interested in General or Spoken English.

Private English lessons can help students to improve more quickly and study at flexible timings. We have a selection of native English tutors to choose from. Our private tutors will tailor an English course to your needs. This is particularly helpful for students who need English writing coaching or an English pronunciation course. We can also design specific courses in English grammar, reading, listening, report writing, and many other areas.

We have specialist private tutors for kids as well as for adults.

A semi-private spoken English course is also an option if you have a small group of friends who want to study at the same time.

Students who need a PTE, GMAT, SAT, CELPIP, TOEFL, or IELTS private tutor should check out the course pages for these courses.

Legal English

Legal English Courses

Lawyers, barristers, and other legal professionals working in Dubai sometimes wish to study legal English to improve their confidence at work. Our legal English lessons use official Cambridge University materials to give an in-depth understanding of common vocabulary, phrases and ways of communicating confidently. The course teaches specific English for lawyers and is designed to give non-native legal professionals the language they need to practice in an English-speaking working environment.

Medical English

Medical English Courses

Our English for medicine courses include useful phrases, writing skills, vocabulary and conversational medical English. We have specifically designed Cambridge University materials to include English for nurses, English for doctors and English for medical professionals. The course can be designed to cover spoken English for nurses and doctors or more focused on writing. Please get in touch with our staff to learn more about our English for medical purposes courses.

English for Specific Purpose

ESP English Courses

Our private English courses can be designed to include engineering English/English for engineers, English for construction, English for software developers, English for accounting, English for customer services, English for sales and marketing, English for the oil and gas industry, English for logistics, English for international tourism or English for finance. We have specific materials for these ESP courses and they can be studied alone or as part of a general English course. Please give one of our team a call for more information.

English Course Outline

What makes a good English course? Well, to keep our English lessons interesting, we follow the communicative approach, which means that the focus is on practicing and improving the student’s communicative skills in realistic, interactive situations. This methodology means you will experience real improvement in our English classes. It also means the lessons should be fun with quizzes, e-learning apps and interactive displays to enhance your English classes.

We use the latest materials to make our English language classes relevant to students living and working in the modern world.

Our Private English Tutors

To keep our students happy, we use British and American private tutors to help them work on their English pronunciation.

English Courses FAQs

Is it possible to hire a private tutor for English classes?

Yes, we are happy to arrange one-to-one English lessons with a private English tutor. We advise taking these lessons at our centre, but there is also the option for home-based private English lessons.

What should a private English writing course cover?

If you want to improve your English emails, you should join our business English courses in Dubai. However, if you need report writing or academic writing we can provide a private English teacher with experience in teaching essay writing, advanced grammar, paragraph structure, and academic vocabulary.

How can I find an English course near me?

If you want to learn English, call or visit our English centre in Dubai. We are located in Business Bay, close to Dubai Mall, and there is a link to directions here.

How can I learn to speak English?

  1. Watch or listen to English radio, TV, Netflix or news shows.
  2. Practice English speaking every single day.
  3. Read English newspapers, blogs and web feeds.
  4. Don’t worry about making mistakes in English grammar – just keep practicing!
  5. Find a good spoken English course.
  6. Use an app like Quizlet or a notepad to record new English vocabulary.

Do you provide certificates?

Yes, at Express English institute, we provide KHDA accredited certificates for each course.

How long will it take me to improve my English?

Most students notice progress in the first month of their English language course, but to see a really significant jump you should probably study for 2 to 4 months.

Do you provide English writing coaching?

Yes, we provide writing coaching with one of our expert British or American tutors.

What should a private English speaking course include?

Your private English teacher should focus on conversation practice, pronunciation, English grammar, and expanding your vocabulary. Also, as private English lessons are tailored to the student’s needs, you might want to request help with accent reduction, learning useful phrases, and expanding your vocabulary.

What makes a good English course?

We believe that the best English lessons combine fun, interactive granite got the other thanks classes, British and American English teachers, and the latest spoken English course materials and educational technology is a good recipe for the best English language training course.

How can I improve my English writing skills?

  1. Keep practicing your writing by sending frequent emails, writing blog posts, a journal or as part of a course.
  2. Use a spelling and grammar checking app like Grammarly.
  3. Find a good English writing course with highly qualified teachers who are used to teaching advanced grammar and essay/email writing.
  4. Get an English tutor to give you feedback on your emails.

Is the schedule for spoken English classes flexible?

Our staff are trained to design flexible courses to fit your schedule. Just give one of our team a call to find out more!

Industry Experts

Our Dubai Native English Teachers

Where are our teachers from? Key to building a great English language institute is listening to our students and we many of our students want teachers with British or American accents. All of the tutors currently teaching at Express English language institute are British or American.

What our students say about our center

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